A Weak Core - and what you can do about it

When I turned 39, I declared that I wanted to be as fit and strong as I could be by the time I turned 40.

The universe had other plans.


About a week after my birthday, my daughter and I went on a date.  If you ever want to bust up your shoulder, here's the best way to do it: fall on your outstretched arm while rocking the roller skating limbo.  To make sure you don’t push yourself any further, hang out with your siblings and be sure to smash your delicate toe into the side of some plywood while running - then nobody can even pressure you into going to a Bar Method class because you can’t move your foot without bone pain.

There went my dreams of kicking off a physically fit 39.  Luckily, I did some mental house-clearing and made the most of the summer, so I wasn’t complaining too much.

That is, until the fall came around and I was like, ummm, I really want to get myself into shape.  And unfortunately, having been out of my workout routine, I was armed with excuses about why I couldn’t get fit anymore.


- I like working out in a class, for the accountability and motivation
… and I go to classes during the school day because I am here for my kids otherwise
… but the school day is my work day and I feel like it’s wasting my time if I’m at an hour-long class and then I shower and then I only have four hours left to work

- I prefer being outdoors, hiking or walking
… but I don’t like hiking or walking alone, so I’ll do it but only with good company and conversation, which isn’t always available during the week

- I am not a morning person so I won’t wake up and get myself to the gym before the kids wake up

- I am also not the person who can look up some tight-bodied YouTube sensation and be inspired to use my child as a weight and do 159473 reps

You have your list of excuses, too, right?  C’mon, think some of those up….   and if you and I stick by those, basically, we are doomed to a sadly aging, inflexible weak life of peeing our pants because we don’t have any more core strength. 

Or, not.


Dawn Joseph is my not-so-secret fitness champion.  I’ve not heard of a similar program to hers yet, so if you do, check it out because the workout model is brilliant. 

Dawn calls it the Fitness Transformation Challenge and it's online, geared towards busy moms who feel like they struggle to fit in regular workouts.  Like me. 

The reason I’m telling you about this is because I told my good friend Heather about what I was doing and she jumped at the chance to work with Dawn, too.  Literally, Heather said: "After having my fourth child at 41, I started feeling more cracks and pops than I had in the past. I dove back into a high-intensity workout thinking that would help. While my arms and legs got stronger, my core, glutes, and hip flexors did not (hence the "noise" coming from my unstable hips). Dawn helped me realize I needed to back off, stabilize my core first, and strengthen from the inside out. She customized a routine I can do on my own time in the comforts of my living room! The program includes accountability, support, and I can even video chat with Dawn if I have questions about my form. I recommend this program to any mom who feels she doesn't have time to workout. I already feel stronger and it's only Week 1!"


So if I’m telling my real friends about it, then I might as well share here, too, for the good of all of us busy moms.  Want to stop wanting to get fitter, and just do it?

You can read more about the technical aspect of her program HERE, but I’ll tell you what has worked for me: 

- deciding to be consistent - even if it meant just a plank a day

- the fact that the programs are short but effective; my core and glutes already feel stronger

- they’re online, so I can do it on my own; still, Dawn checks in regularly on my form and how I’m doing, so there’s accountability and correction

- I immediately liked Dawn’s authenticity, openness, and knowledge when we chatted on FaceTime 

I recommend it to anybody who is going from zero working out and full of excuses, to actually doing something with their body.  In a super easy, low key way - not like the hard core push yourself ’til your sore for four days way.  And it still gets noticeable results.

Got any questions?  She’s open to connecting anytime - even though she’s in El Salvador with her family through the end of 2017! - so drop her a line