A Thank You to 2017

A thank you letter to the year.

It's something my girlfriends and I spoke about the other night. How we focus on the present and the struggles and real life - and how we diminish our accomplishments and fun times. It's true that the human mind focuses more on the negative than the positive; we're naturally wired that way for survival.

But here I was, caught up in all the stuff I have going on right now, the stresses and plans and things I still want to accomplish, that I almost forgot that I wrote a book this year. What?! Why didn't I give myself more credit?! We can become so imbalanced if we don't pump up the positives as much as we naturally see the negatives! 

With that in mind, the thank you to 2017 became a thing.

My top 2017 gratitudes include:

(1) Wrote / published Flex Mom.

(2) Had an entire summer off with my husband and children - like, three months of play together, something that not many people ever get to have and we may not get again. So fun! 

(3) Let an offhand observation from my daughter turn into a new, exciting business concept - all because we chilled out together and she taught me to really listen. 

(4) Celebrated my best friend's 40th birthday in style with a weekend in San Francisco.

(5) Visited lots of family - including two trips to Dallas, two trips to Canada, and a trip to Japan for my grandmother's funeral / life celebration.

(6) Joined a new book club - yes, I'm in two - and feel so grateful for the new friendships.

(7) Started doing consulting work for the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, all through a random social media connection, and discovered an entirely new world of inspirational people and mission.

(8) My in-laws celebrated Christmas with us for the first time since we had children - and the kids were beyond thrilled to have them here.

(9) Got minor injuries that kept me from my traditional workouts (next time my kids want me to take them on a date, I am NOT doing roller skating limbo); led me to find an entirely new online training platform that I think rocks for moms, and shifted my mindset about what it means to be strong and fit.

(10) Have a cool husband who agreed to sit down and discuss our 2018 intentions and plans together.  "Explore Colorado," here we come!!

Will you take a few minutes to write up your own list, give yourself some credit, and enjoy the closing of this year?  HAPPY (EARLY) NEW YEAR!  Looking forward to connecting with you again soon.