Our Summer of Simplicity


By the tail end of the busy school year, the girls asked us if we could slow down.

They were tired of running from breakfast to school to snacks and after school activities and dinner and bed. They didn't want to be sent to filler summer camps or be shuttled around from place to place; they wanted time to hang out in the back yard and play with toys and go to the pool. To just relax.

Seemed like a fairly insightful, profound request from relatively young children.

Seemed also incredibly terrifying from a parenting perspective - having the kids around all summer? 24 hours a day? Are you freakin kidding me??

We came up with a compromise. Signed them up for a handful of active sporting summer camps, the types of things they love. Secured an occasional daytime babysitter to play with them while adults get adult stuff done. And given the whole Flex Mom philosophy, decided to take a deep breath and agree to put marketing the business on hold for a bit to facilitate family time.

And then, we declared this 2017 the Summer of Simplicity.

Sure enough, the girls woke a little later and slept in a little more. It opened the doors for us to do last minute neighborhood play-dates, take a spur of the moment trip to visit family out of town, meet up with people at the community pool and lounge for hours. I caught the two kids tucked under a blanket reading on the sofa together - never happened before!!

Partway through the summer, my achievement tendencies kicked in - I wanted to come up with a schedule, have organized family reading time, have a bucket of activities we could pull out to inspire ourselves, look at local calendars to make sure we didn't miss cool happenings around town. Clearly, I needed a detox from that addiction of doing.

The point of a Summer of Simplicity was not to overthink things, yes?

So we made it up as we went along.  We chilled out, we connected, we played, we laughed, we cooked, we rode bikes - we left lots of space open to do whatever we wanted to do, and it turned out beautifully.

Turns out it led straight into a fabulous start of the school year (i.e. my work year) where I'm now refreshed, recharged, refocused, and super excited about all that I have coming up. 

What did YOU do this summer? Would a summer like this seem amazing or scary to you? When do you make time to reflect, and recharge yourself?

Sara Blanchard