15 Seconds: Who's In Your Tribe?


You know those people who have your back when you put yourself out there and do something new?

Who make you feel a little safer, when you're scared to push the envelope? 💌

The ones who know you well enough to nudge you into being an even better version of yourself - and who put their own time, money, and energy into supporting you?

They're out there.

But we don't often stop to take stock.

Right now, if you had to stop for 15 seconds and count on your fingers who those people are, how many do you have? The numbers themselves don't actually matter, it's more about how expansively visible and wonderful they make you feel.

Who are your PEOPLE, your supporters, your believers, your personal Board of Directors, your cheerleaders? 💫

I am giving great gobs of gratitude to some members of my tribe today, people who made their way to the bookstore where I had my first ever book talk and signing last night.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

Don't be fooled - I look super happy here (and I was!) but the whole experience was such a mishmash of emotions. Each transition in life can be ground-shaking, and this was no exception.

It was scary to go from being a stay-at-home mom to a first-time published author with a voice. I learned SO MUCH about the book writing and publishing process this last year, so much about myself, so much about the amazing people around me who had my back through it all.

Here's a pic of the crew that hung out afterwards: huge hat tip to the amazing women in my book club. It's the first time we've ever ventured out to an author event instead of discussing a book we read; I'm so deeply honored that it was MY author event.

Thank you guys, you make me feel cherished and valued and supported.

Go on, tell your people you appreciate them, too. It feels good all around to celebrate your tribe.

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Sara Blanchard