These are just some of the things that can go wrong when relationships go south. 

Yet as a business person, you know that one of the most important assets you have is your social capital.

The importance of relationship-building doesn’t stop with clients.

Many full-time employees spend more time with their colleagues than with their family and friends.
Part-time employees can feel even more disconnected from their team.

Imagine an environment of open, honest, transparent conversations based on trust and safety.

You can develop quality relationships at work that impact teamwork, morale, retention, and productivity.


  • Engagement & productivity: People who helped others, and had encouraging office activities were 10x more likely to be engaged at work than those who kept to themselves. Connected and happier employees are more likely to be productive (The Happiness Advantage).

  • Stress Buffering and fewer sick days: The support offered by a friend or close colleague can buffer the effects of stress, building resilience for your employees (Sheldon Cohen).

  • Large-scale health benefits: Having strong social relationships is as good for your long-term health as regular exercise. Not having those real and mutually-beneficial relationships is as damaging as high blood pressure (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences).



Sara Blanchard specializes in working with women in your organization to build quality relationships with one another, by curating conscious conversations during your corporate retreats, team-building activities, or even over women’s network happy hours.


As a trained life coach, author of Flex Mom, and champion for women who speaks the language of corporate America - having worked at Goldman Sachs and having taught positive psychology at Harvard - Sara bridges the gap between the serious mission of supporting a successful business, creating long-lasting success, and the lighthearted yet impactful activities that encourage the relationships and happiness for your employees.


Sara creates a safe environment that bypasses small talk and superficial conversation, and encourages deeper connection around a theme of your choosing. These meaningful curated conversations create a sense of intimacy that carries forward - leading to an atmosphere of deeper understanding, connection, and teamwork.


As a precursor to these conversations come relevant activities that support the theme, activities that encourage women to physically move and play. This is based in science: a study showed that sharing a few good laughs makes people more willing to tell others something personal about themselves, without even necessarily being aware that they are doing so (Alan Gray of University College London). Even if your corporation is not set up like latest dot-com companies that offer opportunities for play to increase productivity, you can offer this experience for your employees by working with Sara.


With Sara Blanchard

A Conscious Conversation event is a three hour session for a group of 30 women, including a custom-designed activity and several small group conversations. Women emerge with a better understanding of themselves, and develop a deeper relationship with others in the group.

What’s included?

  • A planning meeting (virtual or via Zoom) to select your theme, location, duration, and audience.

  • In-person hosting of your meeting, including a custom-designed activity and small group discussions led around the theme of your choosing.

  • Follow up survey and conversation.

  • Access to my years of experience as a life coach and over a decade of study on how women best cultivate happiness.


Who is Sara?
Sara Blanchard is a happiness consultant and facilitator who helps you build quality relationships that support your best work. She holds safe space for a loosely associated group to peel back the layers and connect authentically through a deep level of conversation. For over 10 years, Sara has pursued the science and techniques of well-being. As a trained life coach, author of Flex Mom, and champion for women who speaks the language of corporate America - having worked at Goldman Sachs and having taught positive psychology at Harvard - Sara bridges the gap between the serious mission of supporting a long-lasting, successful business, and the lighthearted yet impactful actions that build quality relationships and happiness for your team.


Conscious Conversations: 
Cultivate authentic connections. Create powerful collaborations.


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I thoroughly enjoyed the Conscious Conversations experience. I felt comfortable getting open, honest, and vulnerable with people I’d never met because of the safe, fun, caring environment Sara created. I think it is an innovative approach to bringing people together and building strong relationships through discussion and play.
— Brooke Jones, VP of The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation