A weekend away for intelligent, authentic, open-minded ladies - combining opportunity for meaningful conversation over delicious food and drink, and time for some R&R, while actively learning about the wonders other powerful women are taking on.

We’ll be passing the torch around so every woman takes center stage to share something meaningful about her projects or passions – whether that means lecture-style, on-site collaborations, or something even more creative.

And we get to cook, eat, share, and sleep (innocently) together as we hole up in a luxury location for two nights / three days.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, so rejuvenating!!!


If you want a girls’ weekend of sitting poolside with drinks arriving with the ring of a bell, this isn’t the retreat for you.

This is all about active participation, requiring preparation ahead of time and presence in real time. If you want to be inspired, to be seen, to feel rejuvenated and strong, and to be REAL, click here to reach out to Sara and learn more.



It changes with every person!

We’ve had a Barre3 class, an introduction to a hands-on spiritual guidebook, a session on how to properly do Kegels, a conversation on the meaning of public education, and more. We even had a photo shoot session, which is where the header image of Sara was taken!


The next retreat will be taking place in early 2019, in central or western U.S. If you might want to claim a space, drop a line to learn more!


We once had a session on tuning into your internal compass. Translated, that meant given how much we over-think and often overrule our instincts, it was a session on how to trust your gut feeling. AMAZINGLY, that session led to a situation a few weeks later where a life was potentially saved:

I was working this weekend and saw a patient who came in because her baby wasn’t moving as much as normal. We did testing and everything looked okay, but there was something that made me worried and my inner voice told me to keep her. We did, and ended up delivering her a bit later. At delivery, that baby had her umbilical cord around her neck THREE times and then wrapped around her body twice!! We will never know what could have happened if her mother hadn’t come in or I hadn’t listened to that little pull at my heart telling me to be careful, but the best part is that we don’t have to know, because everything turned out so well! Healthy mom, healthy baby, happy ending (or rather happy beginning!). In the past few weeks, I have been actively aware of my inner compass and been tuning into it and its messages to me. Thank you for arming me with tools to start to make that possible!!

There has, of course, also been a lot of happy feedback overall:

Sara, thank you for the Decameron and the opportunity to meet so many incredible women and learn so much. I’m still “unpacking” it all!!