SO THAT MEANS, DEEP DOWN, YOU’RE READY TO FEEL HAPPIER. (Darn it, where’s my high-five emoji?!)

Incredible. Wahooooo! And I get it.

I was a successful professional, life coach, and wellness enthusiast. Yet, despite my training and knowledge, I felt like a shell of myself once I became a stay-at-home mom. Lost a sense of who I was, felt isolated, wasn't sure about my direction.


It doesn't have to take years to figure it out. And you certainly don't have to do it alone.

I'd love to hop on a call to see if we're a fit to help YOU figure out who you are, now that you're a mom, and come up with a plan to make the space in your busy life to nurture that self, connect with your community, and have more fun - yes, to be happier.

… Or, if you don’t like forms, send me a direct email at: me at sarablanchard dot com.



You have an amazing and infectious positivity. It has made me feel like I can make the changes I desire to have a better life at home, and communicate well with my husband and daughter. You are great at communication and setting / working towards specific goals and staying on track; I would absolutely recommend working with you because mothers and women in general need support beyond the four walls of our homes, and I love that you provide a judge-free space to work together to help women create the lives we want for ourselves and for our families.

— Sally G.


“Sara has truly helped create a big transformation in my life. When I first started talking to Sara, I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders regarding decisions to make and ideas I had - I felt like I was swirling around in my head, unsure about the steps to take to move forward. Sara listened to me, asked me just the right questions, and helped take the weights off my shoulders one by one. She has celebrated with me and cheered me on as a mom, a business owner, and employee, and I’m so excited about the momentum I have now.

— Marilee B.


  • Trained through iPEC, an International Coach Federation accredited coach training program.

  • Graduated from Harvard, worked at Goldman Sachs, launched her own coaching business, helped to teach positive psychology at Harvard, and gave it all up to stay at home to raise her children for over 8 years.

  • Published her book, Flex Mom, when her youngest was old enough to go to elementary school, and has worked on numerous projects including consulting work for the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, hosting conscious conversations on race, curating a tour for the Grammy-nominated Alphabet Rockers, and more.